Monday, 30 November 2009

Glue, it's a good thing to be

Non-solvent obviously, I'm safe to sniff ><

Just saw the new Chanel No5 advert with Audrey Tautou <3

and it has to be said, an absolutely heavenly looking guy.

His face must have been carved by angels, it's so pretty :)

It's actually a really good short film in itself, as well as being a good advert.

I fail at techno computery stuff, so I'm not sure how to put the actual vid on here.

But that's a link :)

But I just like perfume adverts in general, especially when they're really done well.

Some stills that have caught my imagination:

Today was the first really really cold day of the winter I think, we've been getting away with it until now.
And I decided I didn't need my coat :')
Meditation in RE this morning, surprisingly good, and I really needed it, been insanely tired all weekend.
Parents evening tomorrow, so we miss Tutorial. Again.
Christmas soon!!!
eeee :D

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Favourites =)

They all remind me of adventure, and summer :)
And the last one is pretty darn awesome.

Throw those curtains wide!

What a song!
Elbow, One Day Like This.
So ridiculously feel good, and I can actually harmonise to it!

The river was a lovely colour as I was walking home from college yesterday, all velvety blue, and then into purple as it flowed under the bridge :)

Here are some other river pictures:

Rainbows over the river :)

Frosty, at Christmas, or New Year

Mistyyyy :)

I like where I live :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It's Official

I'm Socially Inept.

In every way possible.

It's quite disturbing really.

Aren't zips amazing?

And roads in forests that make you feel like you're in Lord of the Rings, they're pretty awesome.

And random google searches yield the best results ever!

Isn't Magical Trevor amazing??? :DDD

Magical Trevor has just made my day! :D

Ahhh Google. When will you cease to delight us with your wonderful games and thought-provoking images?

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

High School? It wasn't for me.


I'm extremely happy right now, today was a good day :)
As a testament to how good the day was, I had the dentist
at 12.30, and the day was still amazing.
My computer is fixed, I had a really nice lunch, and something incredibly geeky and good has happened :D
I actually laughed out loud when I was walking home.
People stared again ><
And I listened to an excellently happy song walking home, by a 'geek rock' band, They Might Be Giants. 
They call me Doctor Worm
Good morning how are you I'm Doctor Worm.
I'm interested in things
I'm not a real Doctor but I am a real worm!
:DD Love it.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

For the first time

I got splashed by a bus walking home :D
there was a giant puddle at the side of the road, and this evil bus driver, he was evil i swear, drives straight through the middle and my entire left side ends up soaked
is it weird that I got quite excited and waved at all the people who were staring at me?

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

I've been...

...absolutely obsessing over one particular song at the moment.
Now, this is nothing new for me, I am constantly obsessing over one song and then moving onto another, not getting sick of it exactly, just finding a new mood :)
For the last few months it's been the masterpiece that is Monkey, by Low.
It ended up with over 200 plays on my ipod, shot to the top of my most played list, waaaay above number 2, Make Your Own Kind of Music, which has 84 plays :')

But the current song is called Letters From The Sky, by a band called Civil Twilight

It's so beauuutiful, and it's finally stopped making me cry every time I listen to it :)

23rd time's the charm, eh? :D
The reason it makes me cry is because it was used on an amazinggg one off TV series, called Harper's Island >< But it was used during the death scene of my two favourite characters, Cal and Chloe :'( Cal was murdered by a psycho and thrown off a bridge, while Chloe (who had just agreed to marry him) watched but couldnt do anything, and then the psycho started to walk towards Chloe. But she said, "You can't have me", and let herself fall :'(

He's just proposed here, it's just before the death scene, you can sort of see the bridge in the background.
The words are a line from the song, Letters From The Sky. I recommend giving it a listen, or youtube Cal and Chloe's death scene. Even if you've never heard of Harper's Island, I defy you not to cry!

Aside from those two, my favourite character was Sully, played by the virtually perfect Matt Barr, who I actually fell in love with :D

Also on the cast, the very dashing CJ Thomason :)

I liked the song so much, that I downloaded the rest of their album.
It's really good :D
Aha I've had the song on repeat all through doing this post, and now it's got 37 plays, instead of 23 :')
I know, I take long to blog, I'm multitasking!
Half day at college tomorrow, cos of Parents Evening. Me and my friend Gabby are going into town to buy some books (Y)
And maybe a sneaky look in Topshop wouldn't be too bad?

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Showering... a funny thing.
Before I have to shower, I think it's a waste of time and I really can't be bothered.
But when I'm in the shower, I get a peculiar feeling and I make all sorts of resolutions, like 'I will not press the snooze button about 4 times tomorrow before getting up, I will jump out of bed, dance crazily for a minute, and then I'll be awake!'
And I sing and I do things without realising, like spinning around and blocking the plughole so I can have a Bower (a bath/shower).
But when I get out of the shower, the feeling goes away and I can't be bothered again. I never make good on my resolutions.
I take the longest showers too. About half an hour is the norm, though I've been known to last up to an hour :)
I did once manage 10 minutes, though i'm not quite sure how :o