Wednesday, 17 February 2010

You know it's a good party when... only managed to get some questionable pictures as everyone romped all over the house having the BEST TIME EVER!!

So, as you can probably tell, I had a pretty darn amazing time at my friend Lotte's house on Monday night, and a reallly good day when we woke up Tuesday. I was expecting awesome times at Lotte's, but not to have such a good day afterwards, so thanks guys :D

Mainly because of Ben's insistence that he was lying down-when actually he was standing over us all with a pillow, and also due to the fact that there was 9 of us laid out like sardines in Lotte's average sized living room we managed around 40 minutes sleep (weirdly, pretty much at the same time. It was a collective decision to fall asleep and wake up at the same time :P).

We then hiked to Tesco's for breakfast, losing 5 people along the way (they went home, we didn't just abandon them :P) and practically inhaled our sausages. Then somebody made the suggestion (or it was pre-planned and the rest of us just got invited :P) that we should all go to Tom's to make pancakes (it was pancake day after all!).

So after some confusing and funny bus rides, and a pit stop at Aimee's house, we spent the afternoon making exceptionally tasty pancakes, and if anyone asks, mine and Niamh's were definitely the best :D

A rather good picture of John's shoulder :)

Sam and Tom :)

Tom, in all his wonderful un-photogenicness :D (sorry Tom, if you're reading this :P)

Aimeeeeee :D

Everyyybody loves cake!

Sam and Mark arrive (lateee, as per :P)

Ahh, Ross gets his alone time with the camera :P

Mark, looking suitably bashful :)

Lottteeee, the birthday girl :D

Tom, Steph and Sam, making the most important decision, quite possibly of their lives...Red Hot Chili Peppers or the Foo Fighters? It's a tough one ;)

Our wonderful pile of stuff, clogging Lotte's hallway :)

It was difficult to find stuff in there.

Apologies about the picture heavy post (which I said I never do pfft :P), and if you're not interested in my life, like, at all, then this post was probably incredibly dull and I'm surprised you've made it this far!

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Sorry for the two week gap between posts, I would say I've been busy, but I'd be lying!

I just didn't have anything interesting to say!


A Tribute to the Demotivational Poster

Now I rarely do just picture posts, but these, these are just too awesome!
Most of them came from my friend's Facebook album, and I have no idea where he got them from, but I have a feeling a good few were his own creation!
Mr Atkinson, I salute you!