Sunday, 18 April 2010

Told You ;)

As (sort of) promised, Ryan and Ben fleeing from the waves, and James just being washed away :P
Fun times in Iceland! Mostly...breaking...Iceland.
That'll mean more to Icelanders ;)

Sunday, 11 April 2010


We're busy doing nothing, working the whole day through
Trying to find lots of things not to do.
We're busy going nowhere, isn't it just a crime,
We'd like to be unhappy!
But we never do have the time ;)

Because me and my friends are weird :)

Thursday, 8 April 2010

So, Iceland!

Warning: Picture heavy post ;)

I did promise! And even though it's mostly just pictures of people, I always think they're more interesting. And you can see some of Iceland in the background!
So, we were supposed to set out at 11.25 on Monday morning, and dutifully got to the airport just past 9am. What we didn't know was that 13 hours, many games of Chinese Snap, Twister (yes in an airport lounge :P), and Splat later, we'd still be there. Not only had a volcano erupted two days before we were due to leave, but there was also an air mechanic strike, and my best friend (who was supposed to be on the trip) was too ill to fly! It did not begin well...

But then we got to Iceland, and everything changed
Tuesday: Two amazing waterfalls, brilliantly fun high winds, exceptionally long coach journeys, and more Chinese Snap and Twister in the evening!
Wednesday: Ice Lagoon, walking on a Glacier, more exceptionally long coach journeys (I believe this was the beginning of the narcolepsy) and a music festival that night in the hotel. There was a bunch of us with Ukuleles, plus James brought a recorder, flute and harmonica, and the hotel had a piano! We all lent our voices and had a brilliant night!
Thursday: More rather large waterfalls, some pretty explosive Geysers, and a trek through a Lava Tube! Then some more long coach journeys, and into Reykjavik for a pizza challenge and a walk round the city, mostly spent trying not to fall asleep so as not to worry everyone ;)
Friday: Late breakfast, then a tour of the city, more coach journeys, a fish and chip lunch at Grindavik (which was absolutely delicious) then the Blue Lagoon! The Blue Lagoon was utterly amazing, but it probably would have been kinda dull without 30 of my (now) closest friends to mess around with. Yeah, they loved us there ;)
Then back home again early on Saturday morning. It was not nearly long enough for one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life (so far ;P), but I've got memories and friendships that'll last a lifetime
Wow that sounded less soppy in my head, let's move on!

The gang in front of the giant waterfall, that you could walk behind!

Back of the bus LEGENDS! This was our crew

Just ignore the bandy legged girl in the middle, check out the lovelies on either side, and the amazing scenery of the ice lagoon behind!

The CNC Clan, with out 'Warrior' talismans. We're too cool. I'm the one with the awesome pink hoodie and legwarmers ;)

Me and Ryan (oh and Ben, sort of) before caving in the lava tube. Yes he did go down there in a suit, as he did on the glacier, and pretttty much the whole time! :D

A most fetching outfit, I'm sure you'll agree!

After the cave, looking like a positively radiant teletubby!

The whole gang at the rifting of the American and Eurasian plates, along with Pietr, our tour guide, who was AWESOME!

Paul, Me and Emma (Barnesy :P) at the plate rift, after the addition of my awesome headband, which James found in a field, and gave to me XD

An all too familiar sight for my fellow Back Bus Crew members, here they are, messing with my sleeping self once again. I love ya, guys ;)

Outside the impressive Cathedral in Reykjavik :)

The girls on top of the Pearl, an observatory with amazing views over the city. Twas windy :D

The last night :'( We all wore our Iceland hoodies, I'm sort of in the middle, next to Paul in the blue hoodie (he's the only one so :P)

Me and Paul halfway into Helen's room on the last night. We definitely made the most of the last night, by sneaking in and out via corridor windows, and prank calling each other on the hotel phones :')

As I said, we really made the most of the last night ;) Me and Katherine (Briggsy :P) downstairs, after me, Sam and Jack decided we'd be hippies!

We didn't let our Iceland spirit die, even on the plane home! James, me and Elaine with our wonderful eyeliner tattoos! :D

Finally, we tried to write CNC Iceland 2010 on the beach near the ice lagoon, (CNC stands for Cardinal Newman College, just in case any readers are not familiar :P), but we ran out of beach, because just to the right of this shot is the sea :') So we just wrote CNC 2010 (the CNC is out of shot to the left) and drew a Puffin. Then we all went to stand by it.
(I thought I'd finish with a group shot :P)

To all Icelanders 2010,
I love you all!

PS. I will probably follow this up with random Iceland photos I find here and there, for example, there's a crackin' one I took of James, Ryan and Ben getting washed into the sea, and I know there are some good ones Simon took in the Blue Lagoon somewhere, so don't be surprised if in future posts, a picture of Iceland magically crops up ;)