Friday, 30 October 2009

Half Term

Has been pretty good so far!
Had a few movie days, Star Wars fest 8)
and a horror one ¬_¬
I reallllly don't like horrors. I clutched the armchair so much that my hand actually got stuck :/
Plus people kept making me jump *cough* Joe, Connor, Conor, Lou, Richard ¬_¬
that was a long cough :')
But yeah, and Evie kept screaming, even I'm not that bad :)
So thankyouu Jess of 'It's just a thought...' for a pretty awesomesauce day :D

Then, after that movie day I went to a party.
Now, this wasn't the best party I've ever been to.
I knew a grand total of 3 people, one of whom was the hostess.
Usually, at parties, I'll go and meet randomers and talk to people I don't know, but I was feeling a little swamped.
And that wasn't the only bad ting. The music (when it was on) wasn't very good, the place was a bit small and stank of smoke, and the real clincher: No Food!
I was pretty much starving, because I'd forgon any other food in the hope of filling up at a buffet/whatever, but there was nothing!
So the best part of the whole night was when a bunch of us (the people I knew and two of their friends) just left, and we shared a pizza down the road.
Plus, something I never thought I'd do, I had to take my shoes of because my heels were killing me, so wandering barefoot round the streets of Chorley (Y)
And a big thanks to my lovely Nana who saved me from having to sleep over there, and gave me a bed at her house :)
ahaha this has been quite the essay.
Shorter posts from now on methinks :))
Anyway, there's still some more of half term left :)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Mini Cars, Floppy Hats and Hot Air Balloons

Because I might end up driving one, ^^^ this is my Dad's (I don't just lean on random cars :P)
They're cute and small and I don't think I could parallel park in four by four :/

But I prefer the old ones, the ones that are more like lunchboxes than cars :)

Straw are obviously the best kind, but I have a giant floppy hat that's white too :D They look very vintage and are actually very practical in the field ><

Sophia Loren knew how to work a floppy hat, and while I'm not quite as glamourous, I think I did ok :P


They're pretty darn awesome :D

Self explanatory methinks. Who could not love a hot air balloon? Even my mum, who has a serious case of vertigo, loooooved it when we went up :D

Just some random thoughts there :)

After all, that's what this blog is about.

Because Life's Pretty Good

And I need to make sure I don't forget :)