Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Pretty Good Time

So I went to Russia with college in July, yes I'm aware it's now December :P
I did promise to post my summer in installments...and even though I probably should have blogged much more since summer...I haven't.
Much has happened.

I thought about doing the pictures in some sort of order, but I just cannae be bothered, this is the order they popped up, so this is our group cooling off in St Petersburg, it was about 30degreeeeees+, stinky hot! I didn't mind, but the boys complained bloody murder :')

The 'Supreme Seven' as named by Beckah outside...a palace in St Petersburg (seriously, there are hundreds of palaces in St Petersburg). It was Peter the Great's palace though, pretty important, the city's named after him :P
We have left to right, Baker, Adam, Ric, Beckah, Jack, Dave and I'm stood at the front XD
That garden was gorgeous, and full of fountains which was nice due to the insanely hot weather, apparently Peter the Great was somewhat of a practical joker, and jets of water shot suddenly from all directions, it was pretty awesome!

Me, Adam, Dave and Beckah on a river cruise in Moscow, I don't think I can explain my facial expression, although Adam did make this his facebook profile picture for awhile just because of it :')

Jack, Me and Ric in Moscow, sort of, next to Red Square. It's the next square over. We went to Red Square on the first day, but this is a couple of days after when we actually went inside the Kremlin, which was freakin' awesome. There was some sort of military parade with horses and guns and stuff! It was pretty impressive, but this picture was taken afterwards when we were getting lunch XD.
Yeah we went to Russia and ended up getting McDonalds twice. I feel ashamed.

Hard Rock Cafe Moscow!! Me, Ric and half of Baker's face. Me and Ric had a thing where we'd accidentally lean too far in, drastically underestimating the camera's ability to get us in shot. The cafe was nice, but because there were so many of us we had a set menu. First, a greek salad, not too bad apart from y'know, I hate salad. I ate what I wanted and just let the boys hoover the rest up, perks of sitting with 3 constantly hungry lads (Y). Then some weird broth thing which was disgusting but the boys lapped up, no surprises there. I may sound a little picky, but it really was horrible, literally nobody ate it apart from our table. Then the main meal, rice and a meat that I'm pretty damn sure wasn't chicken. I looked at Ric, could tell he was thinking the same. But we weren't gonna ask. We just ate it.

Supreme Seven in the Winter Palace St Petersburg, which houses the largest collection of art in the world, the Hermitage Museum :D Notice the boys' McLenin's t-shirts, on the back they said 'The Party, Is Over.' YAY History Jokes!
It was pretty darn awesome, they had some Leonardo Da Vinci, Matisse etc, and also just an impressive building, lots of ball rooms, throne rooms, extravagant staircases and entrance halls etc etc....very very large. We had about 5 hours and thought sod it, we're going for lunch. I had a ham sandwich which I saved half of for the plane, which we were getting later that day, but I left it in the Hermitage by accident :( poop, I ended up scrounging food from everyone else in Amsterdam, particularly Matty Nash and Jack who'd been to McDonalds, they got offered weed by the cashier :') Good ol' Amsterdam!

Gang in the bar of the St Petersburg hotel, on World Cup night. We did go down there with the intention of watching the match, there was a really good atmosphere as it was quite an international hotel with lots of Spanish/Dutch guests, and everyone else simply chose a side. Most of us decided on Holland, specifically for me because of Dirk Kuyt :D
But we kinda lost interest, we were having some really good discussions and were off to the side of the big screen so it was hard to see anyway. I think it's nice that we were more interested in each other than the telly, good old fashioned values!
Earlier that afternoon a bunch of us had gone swimming, but apparently that wasn't allowed and we all got in trouble :P But seriously, there was a water park in the hotel! It had tons of slides, a wave pool, a rapid river (which was hilarious XD) and a couple of hottubs. Well worth the rollicking!

Munira (awesome roomy! :D seriously, on the last night the Supreme Seven stayed up until reallly early, not entirely sure what time it eventually was when we went to bed, but it was after 4am :'), Munira didn't really fancy staying up that late so she went to bed muuuch earlier, but realised I'd left my key and left the door to our room on a latch for me! Jack wasn't so lucky, he had to phone his room from the phone in Adam&Ric's room and his roomate was most disgruntled :P So, yes, brilliant roomy XD), me and Rihannon on a promenade in St Petersburg. We'd just arrived that day, via sleeper train from Moscow, which was incredible!! The cabins were tiny little boxes, with two bunk beds and space underneath for suitcases, but otherwise you could literally not move, it was extremely tiny. We took the challenge, and managed 13 in one cabin, but it was freakin' boiling. Stayed up until 3-4am, and when we finally did get to bed, the partitions were so thin that all I could hear was a banging from next door, the boys' room. 4 kinda big lads in a box that small...recipe for disaster and hilarity! Adam's bed was on the other of the partition to mine, and he had trouble fitting in the space, so all I heard was a bang followed by and expletive, and then the body part he's bashed. A la...."*crash* $H!T MY KNEEEE!" I fitted in my bed perfectly and had one of the best night's sleep ever :P

Me and Rihannon, I'm pretty sure this is St Petersburg, we stopped off somewhere on the way back from somewhere, but the place was closed, so we went for a walk round a little lake. Specific I know, but it was a while ago now, cannae believe how long ago it actually was!

So we spent a few days in Moscow, then took the sleeper train up to St Petersburg and flew home from there. It was honestly an unspeakably awesome trip, I made some new friends who I'm still really close to and got to know old friends better :)

Some of my friends like fashion blogs, and I ought to really have done a 'what I wore' or something, but it was honestly so hot that it was literally shorts and a vesty top every day. I did have one wardrobe disaster though, the button on my blue stripey shorts popped off just before our Moscow river cruise, extremely embarassing and I ended up clipping it together with a bobby pin until we got back to the hotel where Beckah, total babe, sewed it back on for me!

So that was your fashion fix :P Otherwise I'm more interested in the people and the experience!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Low & Pixies...

...some kind of conspiracy?

Last night, Monkey by Low came on my ipod shuffle, which contains the lyric 'Tonight the Monkey dies'. It was immediately followed by 'Monkey Gone to Heaven', a Pixies song.

I thought it was adorable!

My summer will be posted in installments XD

  • Russia
  • The White House (Shropshire style)
  • Summer Impact
  • Rhodes
  • Cornwall
  • Staffordshire

I also went to Wales to see some old family friends, and to Plymouth with my bestie and her family, but I didn't get any pictures :(

In the meantime, here's a picture of me and my sister at Avenham for her first Easter, we're instructing her in the skill of egg rolling XD

Oh and my UCAS is looong done, I'm getting emails from universities now telling me they're processing my application...eeeek!