Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Legen....wait for it!!


How I Met Your Mother is pretty darn awesome (there's that phrase again)

I really do like Neil Patrick Harris (the blonde one on the left), who has several awesome catchphrases including 'Legen..wait for it...DARY!' And 'Suit Up!' and of course, that wonderful way of introducing Ted to women: 'Haaaaaaaave you met Ted?' 

It's a shame he's gay :/

But Marshall and Ted are both cute too :)

It's just so very funny :D


She's the most beautiful person I think I've ever seen.
She's not for everyone, but I think she's strange and wonderful in a peculiar way.

I find her fascinating, and that's the highest compliment someone could give me, anyway.

Lara Stone+Gap=a dare.

Only I understand that last sentence, but it's open to interpretation :P

Monday, 28 December 2009

You know, I think I do!

Do I say 'pretty darn..(awesome, amazing, etc)' too much?
The title says it all :)
Bit of a text heavy post that last one, but I was slightly over excited :D

I'm officially swayed to going away at Christmas, that's two out of this world christmasses now :DDD

So, seeing as I have no pictures on my computer of Slovenia juuust yet, and am still waiting for the Bradshaws (the wonderfully lovely family we met and spent Christmas with) to post their pictures of us all, I'll post some highlights of the other amazing Christmas, Egypt :)

The Legendary Team Mongoose, we have, from blondie Dan at the front clockwise:

Mongoose Boy (Dan)

Mongoose Mongoose (Adam)

Mongoose Girl (SoSo (Sophia))

Mongoose Woman (yeahhh baby ;))

Mongoose Man (Callum)

Don't ask about the Mongoose thing. I'm pretty sure it was Adam's idea and he's just crazy:

Okay, so we're both a little crazy. But it was definately his idea!

Two perfect Christmasses, we're already looking for next year :)

Annnnd some of you may be shocked to know, I was actually quite good at skiing.

So nyahh!


Sunday, 20 December 2009


So, I`m writing this from Slovenia, just come back from my first skiing lesson, sat on the only computer in the hotel trying to use this peculiar Slovenian keyboard where all the letters are swapped round etc.
Having an amazing time so far :DDD
The resort is full of hotels for skiing, and the slopes are just amazing, everywhere is so beautiful!
Had a (sort of) adventure last night trying to find the ski hire place, made some friends along the way (which is always nice), people staying in our hotel who were also slightly lost. They`re all expert skiers though, so quite unnerving watching them pick out all the gear, and us just having absolutely no idea what we were doing :/
The snow is incredible!!! It`s so very deep, and perfect for snow angels etc :DD
No pictures yet because we don`t have the camera lead to connect it to the computer :/
So my first lesson :)
Made a friend in my ski class (although does it count if I don`t know his name? I`ll find it out) who was also a complete beginner. In fact it was a beginner class, so we all failed just as much as each other.
I was actually quite good!
Struggled with my ski boots at first, they were really painful and I was practically in tears, so I had ot get them changed.
But then I was ok :)
And I learned turns, stopping and climbing mountains in the first lesson!
I`m still not particularly good at stopping when I really build up my speed, but at least I only fell over once!!
And that was because my skis slipped round and I ended up going down the mountain backwards :/
I crashed into some people :S
But they just laughed so (Y)
Tomorrow we get to use the lifts, lesson at 9am, bright and early. Which means up at 7.30 to get breakfast and get kitted up.
My salopettes are groovy :D
Right, off out for a walk now, apparantly there`s a very nice lake just 10 mins away, gonna have jaunt :D
So far, a pretty darn amazing holiday :D

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

I've been thinking

about how much I miss performing. I used to do tons of shows all the time, one after the other. It was stressful, and for a while it was nice to just relax. But now, I miss it. Especially that feeling after you've done a show and the final curtain falls and the entire cast hugs each other, there's a sense of togetherness that you don't feel very often. Telling stories in the dressing rooms, seances :'), all the crazy costumes, Gay Joe. We didn't realise how good we had it until it ended :/

Capturing Moments, and people wearing silly hats because drama kids aren't afraid of what people think!

All the girls, boys, and Gay Joe, obviously.

I had to drop drama on my first day of college because my timetable was too full. I know I made the right decision, but I wish I hadn't had to make the decision at all.
I miss being a Drama Kid!
Singing on the subway! Having breakfast at Big Nick's. Acting like crazy tourists and rehearsing down by the Marina. The Legend of who-gave-you-permission-to-breathe Josh, The Empire State Building!

None of these pics are from actual shows :') They're just my lovely jubbly drama people who I barely see anymore :/ And the last few are form New York. How amazing was my Drama? Golly I miss Imagine. <<

And I'm going skiing on Saturday...

First time, slightly nervous :S

I'll get some pictures of me in my Salopettes :)

Expect me to return with a limp!


Tuesday, 15 December 2009

I would love to live...

...in Big Sur.

I found this photo on a blog somewhere. There's a story to accompany it, about how this wonderfully diverse group of people managed to get together and go on an enormous road trip up and down the coast of California, sleeping in their VW Buses or under the stars, and generally just having an amazing time! Now that's something that's on my to do list :D


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A Good Day

I have had many in my life, and today was most definately one of them.
Philosophy first, 'Why, that's a lovely can of water you've just opened Rob!'

'No no no, it's a gay velociraptor!'

Me, Amy and Lotte just constantly going 'Charliieeeeeeee' and 'Shun the non believer!'

The supply teacher actually said thanks for being so amusing!
Then our huge free period, and everyone came back to mine and we ate ice cream from the tub, sat in the middle of my living room listening to Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks.


And then.
A truly epic English Literature lesson. We actually acted out Act 2 of Dancing At Lughnasa in the middle of the room, with me playing Maggie, Gab as Chris, Rachel as Agnes and Eldon as Gerry.
I don't think I've ever laughed so much!
Eldon's pathetic attempts to dance, and my wellingtons!
He said they'll feature in his nightmares :')

And then a really nice English enrichment session about Victorian Novels, just chatting about how Edwin Drood should have ended and whether Pip should have married Biddy or if she was better off with Joe. It was nice.

Going to Colchester this weekend, should be really good, even though I've had to turn down some offers of the cinema etc and it'll take us about 6 hours to get there :/

But still, it's a Landmark! And Landmark's are always always always fun :D
Some Legendary Landmark moments:

Eating breakfast outside :)

We could not stop laughing. Gotta love it :')

Cos we're cool 8-)

Speaks for itself :')

We like to paddle :D

Ahhh the weekend of the standing stones. I couldn't find the herd of killer cows :/ But we were pretty much trapped on these standing stones :') We can laugh about it now.
It snowed!!!! I was so excited :D New Year in a Landmark=awesome (yes that's me with the giant snowball about to fall over :P)
You can practically hear the dramatic music

I love photos that make you think of old tales of adventure and mystery.

Couldn't this castle (I think it was Stirling) just be straight out of King Arthur?

I think of knights in shining armour, and gallantry, and quests, and fair maidens, and floaty sleeves!

Yes that's it. Floaty Sleeves :D

Monday, 30 November 2009

Glue, it's a good thing to be

Non-solvent obviously, I'm safe to sniff ><

Just saw the new Chanel No5 advert with Audrey Tautou <3

and it has to be said, an absolutely heavenly looking guy.

His face must have been carved by angels, it's so pretty :)

It's actually a really good short film in itself, as well as being a good advert.

I fail at techno computery stuff, so I'm not sure how to put the actual vid on here.

But that's a link :)

But I just like perfume adverts in general, especially when they're really done well.

Some stills that have caught my imagination:

Today was the first really really cold day of the winter I think, we've been getting away with it until now.
And I decided I didn't need my coat :')
Meditation in RE this morning, surprisingly good, and I really needed it, been insanely tired all weekend.
Parents evening tomorrow, so we miss Tutorial. Again.
Christmas soon!!!
eeee :D

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Favourites =)

They all remind me of adventure, and summer :)
And the last one is pretty darn awesome.

Throw those curtains wide!

What a song!
Elbow, One Day Like This.
So ridiculously feel good, and I can actually harmonise to it!

The river was a lovely colour as I was walking home from college yesterday, all velvety blue, and then into purple as it flowed under the bridge :)

Here are some other river pictures:

Rainbows over the river :)

Frosty, at Christmas, or New Year

Mistyyyy :)

I like where I live :)