Monday, 30 November 2009

Glue, it's a good thing to be

Non-solvent obviously, I'm safe to sniff ><

Just saw the new Chanel No5 advert with Audrey Tautou <3

and it has to be said, an absolutely heavenly looking guy.

His face must have been carved by angels, it's so pretty :)

It's actually a really good short film in itself, as well as being a good advert.

I fail at techno computery stuff, so I'm not sure how to put the actual vid on here.

But that's a link :)

But I just like perfume adverts in general, especially when they're really done well.

Some stills that have caught my imagination:

Today was the first really really cold day of the winter I think, we've been getting away with it until now.
And I decided I didn't need my coat :')
Meditation in RE this morning, surprisingly good, and I really needed it, been insanely tired all weekend.
Parents evening tomorrow, so we miss Tutorial. Again.
Christmas soon!!!
eeee :D

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