Sunday, 20 December 2009


So, I`m writing this from Slovenia, just come back from my first skiing lesson, sat on the only computer in the hotel trying to use this peculiar Slovenian keyboard where all the letters are swapped round etc.
Having an amazing time so far :DDD
The resort is full of hotels for skiing, and the slopes are just amazing, everywhere is so beautiful!
Had a (sort of) adventure last night trying to find the ski hire place, made some friends along the way (which is always nice), people staying in our hotel who were also slightly lost. They`re all expert skiers though, so quite unnerving watching them pick out all the gear, and us just having absolutely no idea what we were doing :/
The snow is incredible!!! It`s so very deep, and perfect for snow angels etc :DD
No pictures yet because we don`t have the camera lead to connect it to the computer :/
So my first lesson :)
Made a friend in my ski class (although does it count if I don`t know his name? I`ll find it out) who was also a complete beginner. In fact it was a beginner class, so we all failed just as much as each other.
I was actually quite good!
Struggled with my ski boots at first, they were really painful and I was practically in tears, so I had ot get them changed.
But then I was ok :)
And I learned turns, stopping and climbing mountains in the first lesson!
I`m still not particularly good at stopping when I really build up my speed, but at least I only fell over once!!
And that was because my skis slipped round and I ended up going down the mountain backwards :/
I crashed into some people :S
But they just laughed so (Y)
Tomorrow we get to use the lifts, lesson at 9am, bright and early. Which means up at 7.30 to get breakfast and get kitted up.
My salopettes are groovy :D
Right, off out for a walk now, apparantly there`s a very nice lake just 10 mins away, gonna have jaunt :D
So far, a pretty darn amazing holiday :D

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