Monday, 28 December 2009

You know, I think I do!

Do I say 'pretty darn..(awesome, amazing, etc)' too much?
The title says it all :)
Bit of a text heavy post that last one, but I was slightly over excited :D

I'm officially swayed to going away at Christmas, that's two out of this world christmasses now :DDD

So, seeing as I have no pictures on my computer of Slovenia juuust yet, and am still waiting for the Bradshaws (the wonderfully lovely family we met and spent Christmas with) to post their pictures of us all, I'll post some highlights of the other amazing Christmas, Egypt :)

The Legendary Team Mongoose, we have, from blondie Dan at the front clockwise:

Mongoose Boy (Dan)

Mongoose Mongoose (Adam)

Mongoose Girl (SoSo (Sophia))

Mongoose Woman (yeahhh baby ;))

Mongoose Man (Callum)

Don't ask about the Mongoose thing. I'm pretty sure it was Adam's idea and he's just crazy:

Okay, so we're both a little crazy. But it was definately his idea!

Two perfect Christmasses, we're already looking for next year :)

Annnnd some of you may be shocked to know, I was actually quite good at skiing.

So nyahh!


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