Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Low & Pixies...

...some kind of conspiracy?

Last night, Monkey by Low came on my ipod shuffle, which contains the lyric 'Tonight the Monkey dies'. It was immediately followed by 'Monkey Gone to Heaven', a Pixies song.

I thought it was adorable!

My summer will be posted in installments XD

  • Russia
  • The White House (Shropshire style)
  • Summer Impact
  • Rhodes
  • Cornwall
  • Staffordshire

I also went to Wales to see some old family friends, and to Plymouth with my bestie and her family, but I didn't get any pictures :(

In the meantime, here's a picture of me and my sister at Avenham for her first Easter, we're instructing her in the skill of egg rolling XD

Oh and my UCAS is looong done, I'm getting emails from universities now telling me they're processing my application...eeeek!

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  1. Dools, I love your sister, she is so cute, and this photo is just adorable! ♥ xxxx