Thursday, 11 March 2010

My New Philosophy

Ahh Philosophy, what I'm actually in the middle of now, and should really get back to.
The title is also a song from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, sung brilliantly by Kristen Chenoweth in the Broadway Revival :D
But...*evil incidental music*...I'm about to collect my AS Modular results.
I should be more nervous than I am, I might have to end up resitting all of them. But, my new philosophy (which isn't technically new, I've had it for awhile now) says that whatever is in that envelope, is already in that envelope. There's nothing I can do about that right now, and I just have to deal with what comes my way, which is all anyone can do. It's easy if you take it one bit at a time, and it's actually very refreshing. Lightens the load considerably.
Some would say it's going with the flow. Others happy go lucky.
I would say wish me luck, and if you did, I'd be grateful and extremely happy, but even luck can't change what's in the envelope now.
Wish me luck!

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