Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Novel Idea

It's been awhile, and that wasn't really about to change because I just never seem to find the time/what to say on here :')

I keep up with blogs regularly and I enjoy reading my friends, but I found my diary which had been long lost, so I began to fill and finish that then begin another notebook, I missed it ^_^

Anyway the lovely Lou has said a few times she misses me writing blog posts, so I came up with an idea :D

In a few posts I've done that've mostly been text, I've included a random-ish picture at the end to break it up a little, and I thought I could post a random picture from my computer every day, and then update as I wanted from there ^_^

It'll keep my blog going and *might* be interesting :')

We'll see how it goes... XD

*edit, I've just spent aggges after this post trawling through my photos, laughing and thinking of captions...this IS going to be fun!*

So we'll start with...

Me and my Uncle Simon at my Grandad's 60th birthday in I'm 9? The theme was 60's, and you can't see it very well but I'm wearing a leather bodycon dress :') Just got back from holiday so tanned and braided, I was assured that braided hair was 'very sixties dear'

I had fun!

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  1. Emma that photo is adorable :') and braids were so cool way back when!! :D xxxx