Friday, 30 July 2010

Day 2!

My blog name...La Vie Boheme.

It's a song from Rent, a musical that doesn't really seem like a musical. It's more like a film with the most amazing soundtrack you could possibly imagine (and well, a Brroadway Musical too, but I only have access to the film :P)

The film's about a group of 'Bohemians' living in New York City in 1989, and it just follows their lives. A major plot point is the AIDs epidemic sweeping the city at that time, at least 4 of the main characters have HIV or AIDs. One of the most powerful songs is 'Will I Lose My Dignity', a simple round sung by an HIV support group that the characters attend.

The song La Vie Boheme is performed in the gang's favourite cafe, and it celebrates everything weird and wonderful, showing the brilliant eccentricities of the lives of this disparate group of people.

It's 8 minutes long, I know all the words, it's up there on my Top 25 Most Played, and on the left, in my sidebar, is a picture from the Broadway show, all the colourful characters after they've just finished performing this song :D

It seemed to fit what I wanted this blog to be like ^_^

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