Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Normal service is resumed...well...almost!

So I haven't blogged in quuuite a while, and there are several reasons for this. In true Dooley fashion, I'm gonna make a list!

+ I spilt water on my keyboard :/ All my friends found it rather amusing, but as I was without a spacebar, a B key or an N key, and several other keys were stuck together, I was not. But then we found my old wireless keyboard, put new batteries in (and we thought it was broken, pfft) and I'm back!

+ I have had several January Modules to take with my college work, I had Critical Thinking yesterday, Philosophy this morning and I have History a week tomorrow. I've been revising 8-) (mostly)

+ The last one's rather peculiar. I didn't switch my desktop on once yesterday. And do you know what? It felt pretty darn awesome. Like, I was suddenly more connected to the land of the living, rather than the land of the virtual living. It makes sense to me :P

Anyway, I finally got the Slovenia pictures up on the computer :DD

Most of 'em are pretty good, I think :)

It was like a frozen waterfall, I got quite excited :D

I felt like I was walking through a Christmas Card. Especially on Christmas Day ><

Yeahhhh my snow angel rocked. The snow was extremely deep, and all powdery, as in, you wouldnt injure someone by throwing a snowball at them :P

Hehe, I'm snow ploughing :D

Hmmm, me hurtlng towards Sam on newly attached skis.

It's like a 'What happened next?' picture :')

See if you can figure it out :P

Top Gun! :D

I felt pretty darn cool in those aviators and that helmet.

And safe 8-)

This is one of the most intereting games of pool I've ever played :') Someone (I won't name names :P) potted the white ball, and the table failed to spit it back out again, so we improvised and used the green stripe. But of course, we couldn't lose another 'white' ball, so we all had to stand and 'protect' the pockets, to make sure we didn't pot the green stripe. It was extremely funny at the time, with much running about and "I've got it, I've g...oh dear" :D

Yes, we did go on holiday in a Lord of the Rings film. 'Twas rather exciting :D

Hehe, "Are you taking my picture?" "Well that's why I've pointed the camera in your face!"

If I could figure out how to do vids on here, I'd post the one of me (terribly) humming the Lord of the Rings theme tune, and panning the landscape, and pretty much humming the tune of every epic film I could think of, I even think James Bond made it in there for some reason :')

It was all very dramatic ;)

But I had an epic time (no pun intended), learning to ski, spending time with my family :) Meeting awesome and cool new people :D

I really like life!

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  1. Hello pretty!
    Thanks so much for your sweet compliments on my blog.
    I've been wondering who that new cute little face in my "Followers" box was, but I couldn't figure out how to find your blog.

    Nice to meet you, my dear!
    I feel inclined to tell you that I am slightly envious of your life.
    The end.

    <3 Grace.