Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sometimes...well, always :D

I should not be this happy the day before an important exam that I'm not sure about!

Nor should I be blogging!

But sometimes, it's the little things that make you happy, and in my case (at least according to my friends, one of whom expressed the view that 'I'd love to be Dooley just for a day, because everything makes her so excited!') it's always the little things that make me happy. 
I found a new song and put it on repeat walking home from college today, and because of the wonderfulness of this new song, I didn't care about how cold I was (what was I thinking wearing leggings?? Trousers woman, trousers!).

The song is Fireflies, by Owl City. 

Everyone's raving about it at the moment, and I know why. I heard it on the radio on Friday morning and my friends told me about it on Friday night at Weekend Warm Up (incidentally, that's another reason I'm happy, it was really good and I missed the Christmas WWUP because of Slovenia, so nice to see everyone again)
The cover art of the album is lovely too, as is the name.

Not only does it make e think of summer, adventure and holidays (three of my favourite things!) but I also have family that live incredibly close to Dubai (in Abu Dhabi actually) so it makes me think of them, which is nice :D

No more! Revision is calling, well yelling actually :/
Liberal Reforms are coming out of my ears!

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